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As day after brunches become the standard, especially at destination weddings, we thought it was high time to advise on what you can and should bring to the party. From leftover favors and food to lost and found items, here are 9 things you won't want to forget.

1. Booze
If your caterer and venue allow you to stock your own bar, get your wedding planner or the person in charge to find out if there's any leftover champagne and vodka at the end of the evening, recommends destination wedding planner and designer Kyla Gold. "You can then use it for mimosas and bloody married cocktails at the post wedding brunch."

2. Flowers
Talk to your florist beforehand to work out a plan if you want to do this. For example, flowers that are designed in floral foam can last for quite some time if they aren't overexposed to the sun, points out Gold. Personally, she prefers to order a few extra blooms that go with the color palette of the brunch to mix things up a bit and freshen up any arrangements that aren't in the best shape the next day. "Most florists are happy to do this for a small additional cost," she says. "It's also easy and fun to source simple bud vases for a post wedding brunch so you can repurpose those flowers without having to be an expert designer." Feeling lazy? See if your florist will let you return some (or all) of the original rented vases the day after so you don't have to do much of anything except transport your blooms to the new location.

3. Favors
You'd be surprised how many people leave behind favors at the end of the night, notes Kelly Heyn, lead planner and owner of SociaLife. "Instead of wasting them, bring them to the brunch for people to take as they leave."

4. The Guest Book
How many times have you been to a wedding but forgot to sign the guest book? Pass it around or place it on a table at the day after brunch so those that missed out last night can write their well wishes in it now. And remember to include a pen!

5. Lost & Found Items
From coats to purses to everything in between, someone's bound to leave something behind amidst all the chaos. Have whoever's cleaning up/taking things home (your mom, his mom, etc.) bring it to the brunch to be claimed, instructs Heyn. Your guests will be grateful.

6. Leftover Wedding Cake & Desserts
Let them eat cake! Seriously though, according to Heyn, wedding cake and other desserts are often the most wasted items at receptions. Guests are up dancing as opposed to eating, she explains. "If there's anything left over, have the venue box it up, and serve it at brunch for guests that have a sweet tooth in the morning."

7. Signage
While chalkboards are a given (erase and write your brunch menu on them), you can also reuse other wedding signage and décor, including frames. Simply swap out the previous day's paper items with new ones that work with your brunch theme, suggests Gold.

8. Rentals
Hosting both the wedding and brunch at the same location? Most rental companies will give you the option of scheduling a late afternoon pick up of items the day following the wedding, says Gold. This way, you can repurpose things like chairs and tables and save yourself some dough. "Make sure to communicate this arrangement with your venue coordinator so the items are safely stored overnight."

9. Bathroom Kits
Refresh last night's bathroom kits for brunch with must-have day after items like hangover remedies and energy shots, recommends Gold. Your guests will appreciate the thought, plus it's quick and easy to do.

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